Closing the Gender Gap:

Offering activities at the workplace taking into account generational diversity

Company name:
Novartis Turkey
Health & Healthcare

The Gap:

Type of Gap: Other – at all levels

Given current demographic trends the balance of generations within the work force is changing incrementally.

The Practice:

Type of practice: Work environment, work-life balance

Currently a hobby room is bein constructed within the Head Office. By using questionnaires the most popular 3 activites were chosen by employees and the establishement of a social club has been endorsed. The office facilities are enriched; a hairdresser is constructed for both moen and women, agreements for discounted dry cleaner serving the offices and a discounted prices agreement for Novartis emplyoees for various organizations (school, gym, language, school, shops etc.). We further offer informative trainings on loosing weight healthily, on women's health, being a mother, managing stress and many more.


We track the satisfaction and usage of the facilities and activities.

Implementation Date:


The Success:

Increased employee satisfactionon work-life balance.


Employee Satisfaction

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