Closing the Gender Gap:

Performance not Presence

gender parity
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The Gap:

Type of Gap: senior management level

Faced with a culturally and historically determined gender gap in our firm's senior management, we implemented a number of practices designed to build a sustainable, gender-balanced talent pool for the future and improve the work life of all our employees.

One of these practices focused on enabling flexibility for all.

The Practice:

Type of practice: Work environment, work-life balance

We launched global flexible working practices under the title Performance not Presence:

At the top of the list of management skills is the ability to measure and reward results and performance, not presence in the office. For much of the work we do, physical presence is not necessarily required as long as people are accessible. Moving the focus from time-serving and attendance to judgments based on quality of work, results and delivery of agreed objectives is a more effective way to manage the business and a powerful way to motivate people.


  • The number of markets formally implementing flexible working
  • Employee feedback surveys

Implementation Date:

This is an ongoing practice

The Success:

While this programme has been rolled out globally, we need more role models to show it is OK to work flexibly at all levels in the organisation.

We are planning further iterations of this practice.

Success factors:

  1. Executive support
  2. Line managers being role models
  3. Men and women applying


  1. "It's only for women and admin assistants."
  2. Many legal restraints regarding working practices


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