Closing the Gender Gap:

Targeted training for future female leaders

gender parity
Company name:
Bilfinger Berger SE
Energy Utilities & Technology
More than 50,000
Europe & Central Asia
Contact Name:
Heike Schönmann
Contact Position:
Head of HR Projects
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The Gap:

Type of Gap: middle management level

Given current demographic trends and the shortage of talent that already exists in the engineering sector in particular, we need to improve our access to all talent. Currently, only 8% of our company's middle management are female.

The Practice:

Type of practice: Mentorship & training

We offer special trainings for potential female candidates for management positions. These trainings focus on self-marketing and how participants can control the way they are being perceived in the male domain in which our company operates. In groups, and with the input from trainers, a personal success strategy is developed for each individual participant. 

Following this training, individual support solutions for women who are aspiring to a management career can be developed, including coaching and specific work arrangements to resolve work-life balance conflicts.

In the manner of the self-commitment promoted by Germany's DAX 30 companies, we aim to have 15-20% women in management positions by 2020.


We will measure the percentage of females in our management, match against our targets and report to the board annually.

Implementation Date:

We will start in 2012.

The Success:

Trainings will be starting this year.

Success factors:

  1. Women will take part in seminaries for female employees
  2. Women will get more jobs in leadership


  1. Families/children will be barrier for women to enter a leadership position


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