Closing the Gender Gap:

Time and place flexibility make personal freedom a part of our culture

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Deutsche Telekom AG
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Europe & Central Asia
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The Gap:

Type of Gap: senior management level

We want to foster a corporate culture in which men and women can fully contribute and reconcile career and private life. With a broad range of work-life related measures, we aim at raising the number of women in management positions and to address changing expectations of men regarding work and life.

The Practice:

Type of practice: Work environment, work-life balance

Through a comprehensive work-life program, we shape a modern work culture centering around time and place flexibility and personal freedom. Through our work-life policies addressing executives and employees, we allow for flexible working models, foster individual part-time options and e-mail-free weekends.

Women benefit in particular from individual parental leave options and maintaining contact to the enterprise as well as offers for limited project work, further education and a step-by-step reintegration during and after parental leaves. Through massively extending our child care facilities, we ensure that career and family can be reconciled effectively.


We measure the success of our Work-Life Program by consistently monitoring and controlling the utilisation of our offers, such as flexible and part-time options used by executives and employees, use of parental leave offers and the demand and load factors of child care facilities.

Implementation Date:

Deutsche Telekom had long-standing work-life-related measures in place before introducing the Work-Life Policies in mid 2010. Our Work-Life Program is not a set of temporary measures but is continuously extended and implemented in a sustainable manner.

The Success:

Few months after introducing our Work-Life-Policies, a rising number of female and male managers request and make use of flexible work-options. The proportion of men in parental leave rose to 29% which is above Germany’s average (Quarter 2, 2011). 28 managers have taken part-time. Over 70 managers signaled their interest.

Success factors:

  1. Commitment of the Management Board and executives
  2. Internal marketing pushing utilisation of offers provided
  3. Growing number of role models


  1. Face time culture
  2. Concerns that flexible working negatively affects careers
  3. Some decision makers not yet fully backing time flexibility


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