The Industry Partnership Programme provides CEOs and senior executives of the world’s leading companies the opportunity to engage with their peers to define and address critical industry issues throughout the year. The Forum is internationally recognized for its unique ability to connect world leaders representing all geographies, sectors and interests. Its greatest strength lies in bridging divides to shape cross-jurisdictional agendas.

To help members address complex strategic issues in a continuous and actionable way as an industry community, a limited number of work streams are defined.

Connected World
This cross-industry project will look at scenarios for how travel, transport and supply chains could be more integrated in 2025. It will also explore new business models that enable and support an integrated approach. The scenarios will illustrate how the above factors will impact infrastructure, technology usage, policies and financing.

Manufacturing for Growth
This project seeks to build upon the insights from the Future of Manufacturing project with a series of dialogues at regional events for manufacturing executives and relevant policy-makers. Future of Manufacturing outlined an overview of the global manufacturing ecosystem and identified key drives inpacting this ecosystem. Manufacturing for Growth will focus on the linkages between advaned manufacturing and economic growth and employment with a series of dialogues that will seek to deliver clear recommendations to business and policy-makers on actions to stimulate manufacturing sector growth. For more information, download a copy of the Future of Manufacturing report.

Future of Manufacturing

Sustainable Transportation Ecosystem
A set of sustainability principles were developed for the transportation inudstry in Phase 1 of this project and recommendations were provided to develop financial incentives, legal incentives and standards to drive the scale-up of electrice vehicles projects. Phase 2 of this project will focus on regular dialogue series on surrounding transportation ecosystem of infrastructure, agricultural markets and production, and information systems needed to support a sustainable transport framework. For more information, download a copy of the Sustainable Transportation Ecosystem report.

Supply Chain Risk and Transport Risk
This project will improve understanding of supply chain and transport risks and build a network of key decision-makers to serve as a more effective preparation and response mechanism. For more information, download a copy of the Building Resilience in Supply Chains report and the New Models for Addressing Supply Chain and Transport Risk report.

Future of Urban Development
The Future of Urban Development explores themes and innovations to tackle challenges of urban migration, changing demographics, mobility and urban governance. Focus will be on exploring new modles for urban design, mobility, energy, infrastructure and buildings. It will also give special attention to fast-growing and newly-developmed cities.

Global Agenda Councils
In 2008, the World Economic Forum launched the network Global Agenda Councils. The Councils collaboratively develop solutions to the most crucial issues on the global agenda. Insights from each Council are fed directly into the Forum's activities including the Automotive Industry Partnership Programme. Councils related to the Automotive Industry include the:

  • Global Agenda Council on Advanced Manufacturing
  • Global Agenda Council on Infrastructure
  • Global Agenda Council on Personal Transportation Systems
  • Global Agenda Council on Urbanization

More information on the Global Agenda Councils can be found here.