The Industry Partnership Programme provides CEOs and senior executives of the world’s leading companies the opportunity to engage with their peers to define and address critical industry issues throughout the year. The Forum is internationally recognized for its unique ability to connect world leaders representing all geographies, sectors and interests. Its greatest strength lies in bridging divides to shape cross-jurisdictional agendas.

To help members address complex strategic issues in a continuous and actionable way as an industry community, a limited number of work streams are defined.

Self-Driving Vehicles
This project focuses on consumer needs and expectations in emerging and developed markets as they relate to autonomous vehicles, as well as infrastructure. Key stakeholders include major OEMs, disruptors, and cities to provide a broad perspective of the potential of self-driving vehicles in urban environments.

To read the results of the consumer and city research on “Self-Driving Vehicles in an Urban Context”, released on November 24, 2015, please click here.

CO Emissions and Pollution
Our aim is to have a common vision and commitment to be prepared for COP21 in Paris, with a vision for both emerging and developed markets.

Digital Transformation of Industries: Automotive
This initiative looks at how digitalization is impacting major industries such as Energy Utilities, Telecommunications and Automotive. In a two-phase analysis approach, phase one will identify implication of data-driven business model transformations in the auto industry and their impact on competitiveness; and phase two will identify and consolidate common topics in digitalization across industries, map sector specific taxonomy to these topics and define work streams for industry-specific deep dives.

Global Agenda Councils
In 2008, the World Economic Forum launched the network Global Agenda Councils. The Councils collaboratively develop solutions to the most crucial issues on the global agenda. Insights from each Council are fed directly into the Forum's activities including the Automotive Industry Partnership Programme. Councils related to the Automotive Industry include the:

More information on the Global Agenda Councils can be found here.