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The Industry Partnership Programme gives chief executive officers and senior executives of the world’s leading companies the opportunity to engage with their peers to define and address critical industry issues throughout the year. The Forum is internationally recognized for its unique ability to connect world leaders representing all geographies, sectors and interests. Its greatest strength lies in bridging divides to shape cross-jurisdictional agendas.

The Aviation & Travel Community comprises select member companies from the entire travel ecosystem, ranging from aerospace manufacturers and passenger transport to hospitality and travel services that are actively involved in pursuing the Forum’s mission at the industry level. The community brings visibility and insight to strategic decision-making on the most important industry and cross-industry related issues, as well as the opportunity to engage in global corporate citizenship.

To help members address complex strategic issues in a continuous and actionable way, the industry community defines timely and strategic workstreams annually:

Published since 2007, the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report gives a cross-country analysis of the drivers of competitiveness in travel and tourism, provides useful comparative information for making business decisions and offers additional value to governments wishing to improve their travel and tourism industry.

Security in Travel: The project will analyse the implications of geopolitical tensions and security risks on the travel industry. It will consider solutions relating to data-sharing and international and regional cooperation, and develop innovative solutions to ensure travel security and open borders.

Enabling Travel: The Industry’s potential for growth is held back by outdated visa and border controls. The Forum uses its multistakeholder platform to continue advancing the framework of replacing traditional visa systems with Smart Visa platforms and to help structure common regional visa programmes through regional dialogue.

Enabling Trade: One of the findings of this initiative was that removing supply chain barriers could increase global GDP over six times more than removing all tariffs, increasing the world’s GDP by over $2.5 trillion. The Enabling Trade Report 2014 looked at how to accelerate reform while the 2015 report will focus on the implementation of trade facilitation measures in selected geographies. The latest report can be found here.

Sustainability: To better understand the gaps in measuring sustainability, the industry will be compiling data to create a dashboard, in turn enabling a better grasp of what information is available and where there are still gaps. Through a greater understanding of metrics, the industry aims to make more informed commitments towards improving sustainability.


Past Projects:

The Connected World project was a cross-industry project that looked at scenarios for how travel, transport and supply chains could be more integrated in 2025. It also explored new business models that enable and support an integrated approach.

Safeguarding Aviation and Travel Value Chains Against Corruption. Through the Forum's Partnering Against Corruption Initiative, this project was an in-depth review of the corruption and compliance challenges facing the aviation and travel industries. The report can be found here.

The Global Aviation Biofuel Initiatives Database is an online catalogue of global initiatives on aviation biofuels, providing a list of test flights, pilot projects, research projects and other initiatives on aviation biofuels and sustainable aviation fuels.

The Manufacturing for Growth project built on the insights from the Future of Manufacturing initiative with a series of dialogues at regional events for manufacturing executives and policy-makers. It focused on the linkages between advanced manufacturing, economic growth and employment.

Other Initiatives of Interest to the community:

Employment Skills and Human Capital

Environment and Resource Security

Long-term Investing, Infrastructure and Economic Development