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Oil & Gas Independents 2014 Community Leader
Majid Jafar
Dana Gas

The Energy Challenge

The challenges facing the energy industry are growing more difficult every day. Projects are increasing in size, complexity, risks and costs. At the same time, society is transforming and demanding more from both business and government. These changes create challenges and opportunities for companies in the energy industry, policymakers, and society at large. At the World Economic Forum we have chosen not to be passive witnesses to these transformations. Instead, we have built strong communities that work across industries and with multiple stakeholders to address these issues and fulfil our mission: improving the state of the world.

The Energy Community

We are convinced that the only way to underpin 21st century requirements of economic growth, sustainability and energy security is through multi stakeholder engagement. The energy community is composed of Oil&Gas, Oil&Gas Independents, Renewable Shapers and Utilities&Technology interacting with other communities within the Forum (Infrastructure & Development, Mobility, Chemicals, Mining & Metals, etc.)

The Energy Projects

Through the Energy Industry partnership, we bring together leaders from business, government and civil society to engage in our initiatives: the New Energy Architecture and Energy for Society.

The Network of Global Agenda Councils (GACs)

Global Agenda Councils support the research and analysis undertaken at the Forum. Each Council convenes 15 to 20 people among the leading experts in their field to propose solutions, define strategies and evaluate the effectiveness of actions. The insight they produce is fed directly into the Forum’s activities, including the Industry Partnership Programme. Of the network of over 80 Global Agenda Councils, the following are particularly relevant to the energy industries:

The Energy Partners

Industry Partners are select Member companies of the World Economic Forum that are actively involved in the Forum’s mission at the industry level. With deep engagement in the Forum’s multi stakeholder networks and experts, partnership brings visibility and insight to strategic decision-making on the most important industry and cross-industry related issues. This access and insight allow Industry Partners to contribute to leading positive change across these issues to engage in action to support corporate global citizenship.


Maciej Kolaczkowski
Community Manager, Oil and Gas Industry
Tel: +4122 869 1280

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