Information Technology


Digital technologies and connectivity are transforming the world around us. Information technologies are at the core of widespread democratization of innovation. The impact is being felt across all sectors and continents – from the fields of rural Africa to automotive manufacturers in Germany and Japan. The potential to tackle the grand challenges of our time, such as providing access to health and education to an ever greater proportion of humanity, have been given a new lease of life.

Industry Partnership communities at the World Economic Forum provide a platform for building multi-stakeholder global networks, setting the global agenda for the industry and for sharing and gaining insights. As the Forum has evolved, it has also become a platform for catalyzing action and transformation, such as the New Vision for Agriculture or the Partnering for Cyber Resilience initiatives.

A number of factors – the ubiquity of information technology; the social and policy questions its disruptions raise; and the heterogeneity of what an IT company is – mean that the ‘industry agenda’ for IT is not a simple affair. Simultaneously, the same ubiquity and potential for driving social and economic innovation, growth and inclusiveness means that the potential for catalyzing impact could hardly be greater.

The Information Technology Industry Partnership Community provides a platform where Industry leaderscan work strategically withpeers from government, academia, and business to find both business and social solutionsto some of the world’s most pressing concerns.Partners also join forces with other industry sectors influenced by the ICT Community in aninteractive dialogue looking at the impact of hyperconnectivity – or ICT’s disruptive influence: connected infrastructure, the internet of things, geo-locative services and of course theresulting data – which are introducing leaders from all industries and policy domains to anew set of opportunities and risks.