Institutional Investors


Institutional Investors Industry Partners are select member companies that are highly engaged in the activities of the World Economic Forum.

Industry Partnership offers privileged access to the Forum's networks across business, government, academia and non-governmental organizations through events, projects and working groups. Particular projects of interest include the Forum’s ongoing work on long-term investing, resource scarcity and urban development.

As a self-directed community, Industry Partners broaden their involvement beyond the CEO or CIO to the organization’s senior leadership team in an ongoing process throughout the year. Industry Partners' involvement includes contributing to an evolving portfolio of task forces (ongoing working groups focused on particular areas of interest) and actively participating in several modules (specific meetings of designated senior executives). 

This collaborative research and information-sharing process can yield tremendous insights on selected topics and impact on global decision-making. By working as a community, participating organizations can also save considerable costs, relative to undertaking comparable work on an individual basis.