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The Insurance and Asset Management Industry Partners are a community of top companies that are actively involved in the World Economic Forum’s mission at the industry level. Partners participate in setting the global and industry agendas through collaborative involvement in projects, dialogue series, and communities that are designed based on the interests of the Insurance and Asset Management community. 

Industry Partners enjoy privileged access to the Forum’s networks across business, government, academia, and non-governmental organizations. These activities allow Partners to gain insights in global and regional issues and leverage the Forum’s unparalleled ability to convene senior decision makers from all different sectors, creating an effective platform for collaboration, innovation, and leadership. Industry Partnership also allows a company’s CEO or Chairman to participate in the Governors’ Meetings at the Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos.

Key annual events in the Industry Partnership Programme include the Governors’ Meetings at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos; the Industry Strategy Meeting in New York; the Financial Services Roundtable; and project/initiative-related workshops.

Areas of Focus:
Our working focus is driven by the needs and interests of the Insurance and Asset Management Industry Partners. Our work is generated by an ongoing dialogue among Industry Partners, CEOs, chief strategists and other relevant stakeholders.
Industry Partners can participate in an evolving portfolio of projects at varying levels of engagement, with opportunities to take a leadership role in shaping the agenda and benefit from unique collaborative insight.

Financial Impact of Global Shocks
An initiative, which in its first phase will focus on adaptation to natural disasters and their impact on society. This will be an insurance-focused project, to explore solutions using risk profiling, disaster management tools and event-focused solutions to proactively mitigate society’s exposure to natural disaster risks such as earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding, through reform of business practices and public policy

Financial Governance Working Group
An ongoing dialogue series between key stakeholders in the global financial sector, policy arena and academia. Participants discuss the emerging governance and regulatory issues and how they can be designed to enhance global economic recovery and provide a sound basis for long-term stability and growth.

Financial Development Report
The Financial Development Report 2010 and Index have been published in the fourth quarter of 2010. The comprehensive analysis of financial systems and capital markets in 57 countries serves as an analytical resource for the private sector as well as a benchmarking tool for countries. 

Mobile Financial Services (joint initiative with Telecommunications Community)
This project focuses on the collaboration required among multiple stakeholders to promote a healthy ecosystem for the delivery of mobile financial services to low-income individuals. Working with the Forum’s Telecommunications community, the aim is to convene diverse yet relevant stakeholders to discuss scalable models and develop a scorecard that assesses the relative strength of the “mobile financial services opportunity” in identified countries.

The Future of Long-term Investing (joint project with Investors Community)
The Future of Long-Term Investing project aims to analyse the benefits of long-term investing. The project will map out the universe of long-term investors, analyse the constraints they face and conduct research to show the impact of long-term investors on markets and industries. The project will be supported by the World Economic Forum’s community of institutional investors and sovereign funds.

Insurance and Asset Management Industry Council
For several centuries insurance has helped individuals devise mitigation strategies against risks that often cause extensive human and property losses, strain business activities and deplete wealth accumulation rapidly. Through collaboration with policy-makers, supervisors, international bodies and technical experts, today's insurance industry is constantly experimenting with innovative and more effective ways to provide protection and be a stabilizing force in society.
This Industry Council seeks to examine the evolution and deficiencies of existing insurance methods and to distil creative, innovative strategies across markets of various levels of insurance penetration, density, awareness and access. It will address an insurer’s ability to provide coverage under a shock scenario that jeopardizes the very existence of the insurer, such as a financial market breakdown or corporate failure. The Council aims to explore possible mechanisms, necessary regulatory reforms, global market alignment, new business practices or public-private solutions to define a new industry landscape and discover new market frontiers. In addition, Council Members will provide intellectual input into the insurance industry’s "Financial Impact of Global Shocks" project.


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