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The Media, Entertainment and Information Industry Partners are select member companies of the World Economic Forum that are actively involved in leading the Forum's mission at the industry level. These include publishers, broadcasters, digital content aggregators, social networks, advertising and communication agencies, as well as media measurement companies. 

The Media, Entertainment and Information Industry is facing more changes than ever before, and it is therefore critical to combine the efforts of all stakeholders as well as adjacent industries to understand and address this rapidly evolving media landscape.


Industry Partners within this community have priority access to ideas, projects, and stakeholders that actively focus on the most relevant and critical industry issues and challenges. Some of the initiatives and projects include:

New Vision for Education

Phase II of the New Vision for Education project will build upon what we learned in project phase I on 21st century skill frameworks and the role of technology. In this phase, we will further investigate leading innovations across industries, such as media and consumer industries, that may or may not be designed for learning purpose but have important implications on teaching and learning 21st century skills, and we will determine the public and private partnership model to facilitate the application of such innovations in different learning contexts. 

Human Implications of Digital Media: Individual and Societal Shifts in a Hyper-connected Era

Innovations in technology and digitization are increasingly impacting how we connect with media, entertainment and information. These industry developments are also impacting how we connect and interact with each other and with society, where newer generations are leading the evolution. Broader cultural consequences of this evolution are just beginning to unfold in what is perhaps one of the most rapid social metamorphoses the world has ever experienced. Designed to provide strategic insights to the media, entertainment and information industries, the project will investigate the sociological, behavioural and psychological evolutions from increased engagement with and exposure to digital media. The project will initially investigate two main areas:

1. Behavioural and psychological insights on various generations, including Generation Y, also known as Millennials, and Generation Z – what influences them, their likes and dislikes, and what drives them to which kind of content, platforms and services, and why?

2. Sociological, psychological and health impacts of these behaviours on Individuals and on society at large. The objective of this second area is to better understand the near-term and long-term implications for humanity.

The initiative will generate understandings of the emerging consumer’s relationship with media, entertainment and information products and services. Additionally, it seeks to lay a foundation for policy-makers to further investigate potential impacts on humans and on society.


Norms and Values in Digital Media (2012-2014)

To access our report from Phase II, click here.

This project is part of the Hyperconnected World initiative, which explores how we can best adapt and develop effective governance models for today’s hyperconnected world by focusing on the interlinkages between the rights and duties of individuals, businesses and governments.

Creative for Good (2013 - 2014) 
Being an output of the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Media, the “Creative for Good” platform is a repository of brilliant, inspiring and effective case studies worldwide, as well as a brief “how-to” guide and resources for organizations embarking on such efforts. 


These are the Global Agenda Councils that exist that relate to the issues of the media industry:

The Global Agenda Council on Creative Economy
The Global Agenda Council on Education
The Global Agenda Council on the Future of Media, Entertainment & Information
The Global Agenda Council on Social Media


World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2015, 21-24 January 2015, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland
World Economic Forum on East Asia, 21-23 April, 2015, Nusa Dua, Indonesia
Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2015, 09-11 September 2015, Dalian, People's Republic of China


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