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Mining & Metals at the World Economic Forum

Part of the Centre for Global Industries, the Forum’s Mining & Metals sector is a recognized industry partner. It offers an unparalleled convening platform, on which leaders can raise global awareness of issues and opportunities, and shape an agenda that will improve the state of the world. This is achieved through globally recognized annual meetings, summits and events, as well as knowledge initiatives and a Global Agenda Council, and an active community of Industry Partners.

The Mining & Metals Partnership Community

The Mining & Metals Community is represented by Industry Partners (a select group of member companies) who are actively engaged with the Forum’s multistakeholder networks, experts and activities. The Industry Partnership brings visibility and insight to strategic decision-making on important industry and cross-industry issues. This access and insight allows the partners to contribute to positive change and actively support corporate global citizenship. There are currently 24 major companies in the Forum’s Mining & Metals community.

Global Agenda Council on the Future of Mining & Metals

The mandate of the Global Agenda Council on Responsible Mineral Resources Development, which was instrumental in the design and development of the Responsible Mineral Development Initiative, came to an end in June 2014. The Forum has approved the council portfolio for the 2014-2016 term, which includes an Industry Agenda Council on the Future of Mining & Metals. The new term will start in September 2014; its first milestone will be the Summit of the Global Agenda in Dubai, 9-11 November. The Industry Agenda Councils (IAC) represent a change in the role of the Global Agenda Council, compared with past years. The objective of the IAC is to serve as an advisory board, providing the Forum’s industry communities with vision, insight and strategy relating to the future of each industry. The mandate will be closely aligned with the Mining & Metals in a Sustainable World 2050 initiative. In addition, the IAC will offer guidance on the continued implementation of the Responsible Mineral Development Initiative. The council members are leading thinkers from industry, government and academia. 

Knowledge initiatives 

Mining & Metals in a Sustainable World 2050 (current)

In recognition of the economic, demographic and technological transformations facing the world over the next three decades, and considering their likely impact on the Mining & Metals sector, the Forum has launched a new initiative, titled Mining & Metals in a Sustainable World 2050. Its role is to consider the opportunities and challenges the industry presents. Based on an in-depth analysis of the drivers of change, the initiative will outline key issues, such as future workforces, new and disruptive technologies, and opportunities related to frontier mining and the circular economy. The scoping paper, which provides the overall framework for the initiative, is available here

The initiative was officially launched on 26 June, at a workshop organized by the Mining & Metals community in London. The main objectives were to gather experts who could inform the research agenda and create a plan of action in alignment with industry priorities, and to identify priority topics and pilot projects.

Responsible Mineral Development Initiative (current) 

Created by the Forum in 2010, the Responsible Mineral Development Initiative (RMDI) began with worldwide consultation and analysis. This led to the development of a Mineral Value Management toolkit and the establishment of collaborative dialogue platforms in a number of countries where mineral development is or will be important (for example, Peru, Chile, Mongolia, Tanzania, Guinea and Mozambique). These platforms operate at both local and national levels, exploring perceptions and attitudes regarding the value of the minerals industry and collaboratively assessing the mining sector’s social and economic potential, as well as its dealings with government.

Phase I – Stakeholder Perceptions and Suggestions

Phase II – A Framework for Advancing Responsible Mineral Development

Phase III – Mineral Value Management – A Multidimensional View of Value Creation from Mining

Mining & Metals scoping papers 

In 2013, the Mining & Metals team developed a series of high-level scoping papers focusing on key issues for the sector. These included:

Mining & Metals scenarios to 2030 

Based on input from 200 leaders from across business, government, academia and civil society, three scenarios were developed to promote discussion and mutual understanding about the future of the natural-resources sector, and to improve the sustainability of mining industries across the world.  Four categories of uncertainty were identified:

  1. Geo-economic landscape. Will cross-border flows be more open or more closed?
  2. Geopolitical landscape. How will stability within and among countries develop over time?
  3. Environmental outlook. How will ecological regulation evolve in the long term?
  4. Economic outlook. Will future volatility be more extreme or unpredictable?

The three developed scenarios: 

  1. Green Trade Alliance. Economically, countries are defined by whether or not they belong to the Green Trade Alliance (GTA), which was formed to promote environmental sustainability without compromising competitiveness.
  2. Rebased globalism. The world is committed to realizing the benefits of global interconnection but has become far more multi-polar; power comes from control of resources and possession of capital, with resource-rich countries playing by their own rules.
  3. Resource security. The world sees a breakdown in globalization as nations prioritize their self-interests; they hoard domestic resources and engage in neo-colonialism and import substitution strategies.

Recent and forthcoming events

Throughout the year, our Industry Partners have the opportunity to attend regional summits, roundtables, workshops and the annual meetings in Davos and China. View the calendar.

Annual Meeting, Davos, Switzerland

At the Annual Meeting every January in Davos, the Governors Meeting for Mining & Metals is an opportunity for heads of state, industry CEOs, experts and leaders of non-governmental organizations to engage with one another on the current state of the sector, and plan for the years ahead. In 2014, the Governors Meeting had more than 60 participants, who participated in the following sessions:

  • Responsible Mineral Development Initiative: Beyond 2013
  • Mining and Infrastructure Collaboration Imperative
  • Mining & Metals and NGOs
  • Policy Outlook
  • Economic Outlook

View the 2014 Mining & Metals Governors Meeting report. 

Annual Meeting of the New Champions, China

Every September, at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, the Forum’s Mining & Metals Industry Partners gather with representatives from government, industry, academia and civil society for a “resource leadership” meeting. This discussion centres on China’s economic policies, access to resources, as well as the dynamics of supply and demand. .

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