Telecommunications Community
Project : Delivering on Digital Infrastructure
Project : Rethinking Personal Data
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Telecommunications Community

The Industry Partnership programme is the World Economic Forum’s primary means for engaging its corporate partners. It focuses on the most important industry and cross-industry issues, and creates opportunities to engage in acts of global corporate citizenship. The telecommunications community consists of a select group of partner companies. Drawing on the Forum’s neutral platform and global networks, it brings together business, government and academic leaders to identify the key challenges facing the telecommunications industry that would benefit from collaborative action.

By organizing customized sessions, meetings with public figures and initiatives that convene leaders from the telecommunications sector, the partnership brings visibility and insight to strategic decision-making. It also provides opportunities for interaction with experts from other industries, including IT, media, financial services, the automotive industry and healthcare.
Telecoms Industry Partnership Overview

Project: Delivering on Digital Infrastructure

By 2016, the digital economy is expected to represent US$ 4.2 trillion of global GDP – almost 5%. Data traffic is predicted to grow at an average of 25% year-on-year until 2017, with mobile data traffic growing at a rate of 67%. Worldwide, there is an increasing need for high-performance networks and ubiquitous Internet access. While expectations for digital infrastructure are high, it is facing many challenges such as a lack of incentives for investment and innovation, conflicting business models and a diverse set of regulatory environments. The Delivering on Digital Infrastructure initiative sets the basis for a new vision for digital infrastructure by providing recommendations for policy-makers and industry participants to create a healthier environment for investment and innovation, and offer consumers a digital infrastructure on which they can rely. 

Project: Rethinking Personal Data

Our world is changing. It is complex, hyperconnected and increasingly driven by insights derived from big data. By themselves, technology and data are neutral. It is their use that can both generate great value and create significant harm, sometimes simultaneously. The World Economic Forum has brought together private companies, public sector representatives, end user privacy and rights groups, academics and topic experts to deepen the collective understanding of how a principled, collaborative and balanced personal data ecosystem can evolve. 


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