Telecommunications Community
Project: Future of Digital Communications
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Project: Digital Transformation
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Telecommunications Community

The Industry Partnership programme is the World Economic Forum’s primary means for engaging its corporate partners, focusing on the most important industry and cross-industry issues, and creating opportunities to engage in acts of global corporate citizenship.

The Telecommunications Industry community consists of a select group of Partner companies. Drawing on the Forum’s neutral platform and global networks, it brings together business, government and academic leaders to identify the key challenges facing the telecommunications industry that would benefit from collaborative action.

By organizing customized sessions, meetings with public figures and initiatives that convene leaders from the telecommunications sector, the partnership brings visibility and insight to strategic decision-making. It also provides opportunities for interaction with experts from other industries, including IT, media, financial services, the automotive industry and healthcare.

Project: Future of Digital Communications

This project, steered by the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Digital Communications, will encourage the development and benefits of the digital economy by defining policies and frameworks that boost investment and foster service and business model innovation through competition. The project will focus on:

  • Proposing alignment of policy and regulatory approach worldwide to support innovation, investment, trust and access
  • Supporting the efforts in bringing the unconnected online and within the digital economy
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Project: Delivering on Digital Infrastructure

In May 2013, the World Economic Forum convened a cross-industry initiative to determine how digital infrastructure could keep pace with the fast-growing demand for digital services. The conclusions of the initiative were published in the 2014 report, Delivering Digital Infrastructure: Advancing the Internet Economy. Building on this work, the Forum’s Digital Infrastructure and Applications 2020+ initiative further investigated the greatest challenges facing the information and communications technology environment in the next 5-10 years in developed and developing markets, and made recommendations on how best to overcome these challenges. The initiative examined the exact issues of providing infrastructure and applications to people all over the world, including the 4.5 billion people – mostly in emerging markets – who remain unconnected. Click here to view the project report.

Project: Digital Transformation

As part of the Future of the Internet Global Challenge Initiative, the Digital Transformation project will analyse the impact of digital technologies on business – at the industry and enterprise level – and on society. The project is a multi-year, cross-industry initiative that serves as the focal point for new opportunities and themes arising from latest developments and trends from the digitization of business. It will identify key drivers, enablers, inhibitors and trends and how these are shaping emerging ecosystems and impacting business models.


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