LIXIL Group Corporation

JS Group Corporation is a pure holding company that has 79 consolidated subsidiaries (as of 30 September 2011) in the building materials and housing equipment industry, including LIXIL Corporation. JS Group Corporation started as INAX Tostem Holding Company, a pure holding company established in 2001 through the management integration of Tostem Corporation (founded in 1923) and INAX Corporation (founded in 1924). The corporation has been expanding its group of companies from the beginning and adopted its current name in 2004. In April 2011, five major companies under the Group were merged to launch a new company, LIXIL Corporation. Led by LIXIL Corporation, the largest operation company within the Group, the new Group companies work together to uphold LIXIL’s management philosophy and contribute to improving people’s comfort and lifestyles. The company operates under five businesses: metal building material business; plumbing fixtures business; other building materials and equipment business; distribution and retail business; and housing, real estate and other business. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan