Petroleo Brasileiro SA - Petrobras

Established in 1953, Petrobras is a publicly traded company with operations in 28 countries on all continents. The company operates in an integrated, specialized manner in the fields of exploration and production, refining, marketing, oil and natural gas transportation, petrochemicals, oil product distribution, electricity, biofuels and other renewable energy sources. The company currently operates most of Brazil's producing oil and gas fields and holds a large base of proven reserves. In 43 years of developing Brazil's offshore basins, Petrobras has developed special expertise in deepwater exploration and production and holds more than 98% of Brazil's refining capacity. Its discovery of one of the world's largest new oil basins in the Pre-Salt layer off the south-east cost of Brazil has the potential to double the company's current proven reserves by 2020 and change the future of the oil industry in Brazil.