The Responsible Mineral Development Initiative

Key achievements of RMDI:

Providing a neutral platform for multi stakeholder engagement at country, regional and international level, the RMDI has identified a number of possible actions, initiatives and case studies that address the predominant challenges, based on extensive consultations with stakeholder representatives on six continents.  These are not presented as universal solutions, but as practical examples that have helped to advance responsible mineral development in specific circumstances.  They include, for example the proposed adoption of collaborative processes for stakeholder engagement and dialogue. The RMDI is actively working to establish collaborative multi-stakeholder dialogue platforms in a number of countries where mineral development is or will be an important sector of the economy (e.g. Peru, Chile, Mongolia and Guinea).  At either national or local level, a dialogue platform can explore the perceptions and attitudes of participants regarding the “value” to be derived from mineral development activities and can collaboratively assess the mining sector’s likely economic and social contributions and impacts and its interaction with existing government structures.