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Report Highlights Innovative Business Practices for Sustainable Growth

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Redefining the Future of Growth: The New Sustainability ChampionsDalian, People’s Republic of China, 15 September 2011 – The World Economic Forum today launched a new report, entitled Redefining the Future of Growth: The New Sustainability Champions. The report, prepared with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), highlights innovative business practices from companies originating and operating in emerging markets. By focusing on a group of 16 exemplary companies called the New Sustainability Champions, the report shows how those businesses create unconventional and profitable solutions that positively impact economic growth and enhance overall sustainability in their regions.

Taking into account criteria covering sustainability, innovation, scalability, geography and size, the World Economic Forum and BCG analysed over 1,000 businesses in the preparation of this report and identified 16 fast-growth companies that share a unique mindset and set of practices. The report contains valuable insights that can help business leaders better balance economic growth with responsible stewardship of Earth’s resources.

The companies, which operate from a number of different emerging markets, are:

  • Broad Group, People’s Republic of China
  • Equity Bank, Kenya
  • Florida Ice & Farm, Costa Rica
  • Grupo Balbo, Brazil
  • Jain Irrigation Systems, India
  • Manila Water Company, Philippines
  • Masisa, Chile
  • MTR Corporation, Hong Kong SAR
  • Natura, Brazil
  • New Britain Palm Oil, Papua New Guinea
  • Sekem, Egypt
  • Shree Cement, India
  • Suntech, People’s Republic of China
  • Suzlon, India
  • Woolworths, South Africa
  • Zhangzidao Fishery Group, People’s Republic of China

The report highlights a broad set of characteristics shared by the New Sustainability Champions:  

  • Benchmarked against their peers, these enterprises demonstrate superior performance (financial and stock price).
  • New Sustainability Champions master need-based innovation and excel in executing cost-effective ideas to address resource constraints in their societies.
  • They creatively engage with internal and external stakeholder groups to ensure the relevance and durability of their businesses from economic, environmental and social perspectives.
  • These companies set positive policy-influencing examples, taking a proactive stance in shaping their business and regulatory environments.
  • New Sustainability Champions turn growth-related challenges into potentially scalable opportunities and develop robust models of growth that place environmental and social sustainability at the core of their operations and culture.

“The New Sustainability Champions are more than just symbols. Their overall performance matters because emerging markets in total are set to contribute more than three-quarters of global growth by 2025 – and because those markets will likely feel resource scarcity most,” said Knut Haanaes, Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group, Norway.

The New Sustainability Champions will be showcased at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2011 in Dalian, People’s Republic of China, from 14 to 16 September. The Meeting is held in close collaboration with the Government of the People’s Republic of China and with the support of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). Under the theme Mastering Quality Growth, over 1,500 influential stakeholders will convene in Dalian to gain strategic foresight on key economic, industry and technological developments that are reshaping consumer behaviour, business models and financial markets.

“The Meeting aims to highlight exactly the kind of innovative and sustainable growth models that the New Sustainability Champions exemplify,” said Jeremy Jurgens, Senior Director, Centre for Business Engagement, World Economic Forum. “They generate robust growth that incorporates all elements of sustainability and have the potential to be role models for their regions and industry sectors.”

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