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World Economic Forum Announces Young Global Leaders 2011 (North America)

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World Economic Forum Announces Young Global Leaders 2011


  • The Forum has honoured 190 young leaders from 65 countries for their outstanding leadership, professional accomplishments and commitment to society.
  • Of the selected young leaders, 37 are from North America.
  • Young Global Leaders are selected from a variety of sectors such as business, government, academia, media, non-profit organizations and arts and culture, and from all regions of the world.
  • Young Global Leaders engage in task forces that address specific challenges of public interest with the objective of shaping a better future.


Geneva, Switzerland, 9 March 2011 – The World Economic Forum has announced its Young Global Leaders (YGLs) for 2011. The honour, bestowed each year by the Forum, recognizes up to 200 outstanding young leaders from around the world for their professional accomplishments, commitment to society and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world.


For 2011, the Forum has selected 190 Young Global Leaders from 65 countries and all sectors of society (business, civil society, social entrepreneurs, politics and government, arts and culture, and opinion and media). The new class represents all regions: East Asia (50), South Asia (18), Europe (42), Middle East and North Africa (13), sub-Saharan Africa (14), North America (37) and Latin America (16). This year’s selection has more gender balance than ever, with 44% women.


“The challenges faced by the next generation of leaders are more daunting and intractable than ever and cannot be mastered with the current set of strategies, institutions, standards and attitudes. To address these challenges in a meaningful and sustainable way requires fresh thinking, multistakeholder engagement and dynamic new ways of collaborating to develop innovative solutions that are truly global. Recognizing this need, in 2004, I created the foremost platform for young leaders to engage in global affairs to shape a more positive, peaceful and prosperous society. Within the World Economic Forum community, the Young Global Leaders represent the voice for the future and the hopes of the next generation. I am particularly proud of this year's honourees, who make up the most diverse class of YGLs ever,” said Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum.


Drawn from a pool of almost 5,000 candidates, the Young Global Leaders 2011 were chosen by a selection committee chaired by H.M. Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


The Young Global Leaders 2011 reflect different kinds of leadership in different parts of the world and society. Those from North America include: Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary, Canada; Gina Bianchini, Entrepreneur in Residence, Andreesen Horowitz; Hala Gorani, Anchor, CNN International; Vivek Kundra, Chief Information Officer, Office of Management and Budget, USA; Charles Rutstein, Chief Operating Officer, Forrester Research; and Alexa von Tobel, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LearnVest.


“Being named a YGL is an unparalleled opportunity to share ideas about how to improve the world with an incredibly broad, accomplished community. With this group, I hope to help amplify and disseminate things that really work – often blending for-profit and non-profit, public and private sectors – to do business and make policy in better ways,” said April Rinne, Director, WaterCredit,, USA.


Another recently selected YGL, Rye Barcott, Speechwriter and Special Adviser to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Duke Energy Corporation, USA, explained his excitement in becoming a Young Global Leader: “It was a thrilling moment, and I thought about what incredible opportunities it would create for our work in Kibera, and personally, too. I’m still processing what my selection to this remarkable community of thinkers and doers means. But one thing I know is that it comes with larger responsibilities to serve, as an American, and as a global citizen.”


A third honouree, Sophal Ear, Assistant Professor of National Security Affairs, US Naval Postgraduate School, explained his reaction: “This year’s YGLs have emerged from the Great Recession chastened, but with more resolve and purpose in helping solve the world’s seemingly intractable challenges. The recent events in the Middle East call for greater multistakeholder engagement than ever. Conflict-affected states are not going away, but with action-oriented initiatives, their numbers can be reduced. I am deeply honoured to be part of this solution through the FYGL.”


Niko Canner, Senior Vice-President, Booz & Company, USA, reflected on being named a Young Global Leader: “This is a formative moment in history, a time when leaders need to reach across the boundaries that divide fields of knowledge, political positions and national boundaries. The Young Global Leaders community creates a forum to do just this. I am honoured to be part of it.”


The 2011 honourees will become part of the broader Forum of Young Global Leaders community that currently comprises 668 outstanding individuals. The YGLs convene at an Annual Summit, which will be held this year in Dalian, People’s Republic of China on 12-16 September. Young Global Leaders are actively engaged in the community, integrating into events organized by the World Economic Forum and organizing events of their own, as well as launching and leading a number of innovative initiatives and task forces. See www.redesignourworld.comfor a list of YGL initiatives. These activities enable YGLs to learn from and with each other; build knowledge and engender a better understanding of global challenges and trends, risks and opportunities; and further enhance their unique role as leaders within their own organizations, the World Economic Forum and the broader global community.


“The YGL community has expanded my understanding of the complex nature of global issues. It has inspired me and shaped my understanding of how to drive positive change in my industry. We are a community at the foundational level. We support one another with our testimony, resources and mentorship. I sincerely believe YGLs make one another better leaders and stewards of our world,” said Natalia Allen (YGL 2009), Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Design Futurist, USA.


“We are very pleased to welcome the new cohort of Young Global Leaders into our community and encourage them to embrace the opportunity fully. The YGL community helps its members make the transition – as one YGL told me – ‘from success to significance’ and strives to move from a collection of successful individuals to a community of collective impact. YGLs hold each other accountable to a higher standard of global leadership in their professional and personal lives, so it really is about making the world a better place, one leader at a time,” said David Aikman, Head of the Forum of Young Global Leaders. 


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Established in 2004 by Professor Klaus Schwab, the Forum of Young Global Leaders is a unique, multistakeholder community of the world’s most extraordinary young leaders who dedicate a part of their time to jointly address global challenges and who are committed to devote part of their knowledge and energy to collectively work towards a better future. Together the Young Global Leaders work to discover innovative solutions to today’s most pressing problems through various initiatives and workstreams, as well as catalysing the next generation of leaders. 


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