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The Global Enabling Trade Report 2012

The Global Enabling Trade Report 2012

The World Economic Forum’s Global Enabling Trade Report series focuses on measuring whether economies have in place the necessary attributes for enabling trade and where improvements are most needed.

A widely used reference, the report helps countries in their efforts to integrate global value chains and companies with their investment decisions. It is intended to be used as a motivator for change and a foundation for dialogue.

Under the theme “Reducing Supply Chain Barriers”, The Global Enabling Trade Report 2012 explores how the globalization of value chains impacts measurement of trade and overall trade policies, as well as addresses logistics investments, customs administration and state of the merchant fleet.

Through the methodological framework of the Enabling Trade Index, this year’s report measures the extent to which 132 economies have in place the institutions, policies and services to facilitate the free flow of goods over borders and to destination.

Singapore topped the index, followed by Hong Kong SAR. Denmark and Sweden, placing third and fourth, respectively, showed excellent performance based on their strong business environments, efficient border administrations and highly developed infrastructures. 


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