World Economic Forum on Latin America

Session objectives

What sectors need to be boosted to ensure diversification of the region's economies and its long-term competitiveness?

Dimensions to be addressed:

  • Avoiding the "Dutch disease"
  • Boosting key sectors for quality growth
  • Increasing regional productivity and competitiveness
  • Diversifying into the services sector by investing in human capital


  • Jon Azua Jon Azua
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Enovatinglab, Spain

    MBA and PhD in Business and Public Administration. An Industrial Engineer with a wide experience in ...

  • Gary Coleman Gary Coleman
    Global Industry Adviser, Deloitte, USA

    Former Member, Board Of Directors, Deloitte LLP. Currently, Managing Director, Office of CEO Clients...

  • Jordi Botifoll Jordi Botifoll
    President, Latin America, Cisco, USA

    Degree in Electronic Engineering and MBA, Escuela Superior de Telecomunicaciones; Master's degree, S...

  • Carlos García Moreno Elizondo Carlos García Moreno Elizondo
    Chief Financial Officer, América Movil, Mexico

    Studies in Economics, Universidad Anahuac, Mexico City; graduate studies and doctoral work in Econom...

  • Mari Elka Pangestu Mari Elka Pangestu
    Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia (2011-2014)

    1978, Bachelor's (Hons); 1980, Master's in Economics, Australian National University; 1986, PhD in E...

  • Kátia Abreu Kátia Abreu
    Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply of Brazil

    Degree in Psychology. 2001, as Representative of the Chamber of Deputies, elected to preside over th...

Moderated by

  • Ricardo Hausmann Ricardo Hausmann
    Director, Center for International Development, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, USA

    PhD in Economics, Cornell University, US. 1985-91, Professor of Economics, Instituto de Estudios Sup...