World Economic Forum on Latin America

Session objectives

What sectors need to be boosted to ensure diversification of the region's economies and its long-term competitiveness?

Dimensions to be addressed:

  • Avoiding the "Dutch disease"
  • Boosting key sectors for quality growth
  • Increasing regional productivity and competitiveness
  • Diversifying into the services sector by investing in human capital


  • Jon Azua Jon Azua
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Enovatinglab, Spain

    MBA, PhD. Formerly in academia. Former: Deputy Prime Minister of Basque Country; Minister of Industr...

  • Gary Coleman Gary Coleman
    Managing Director, Global Industries, Deloitte, USA

    Former Member, Board of Directors, Deloitte LLP. Currently, Managing Director, Global Industries, De...

  • Jordi Botifoll Jordi Botifoll
    President, Latin America, Cisco Systems, USA

    Degree in Electronic Engineering and MBA, Escuela Superior de Telecomunicaciones; Master's degree, S...

  • Carlos García Moreno Elizondo Carlos García Moreno Elizondo
    Chief Financial Officer, América Movil, Mexico

    Studies in Economics, Universidad Anahuac, Mexico City; graduate studies and doctoral work in Econom...

  • Mari Elka Pangestu Mari Elka Pangestu

  • Kátia Abreu Kátia Abreu
    President, Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock, Brazil

    Degree in Psychology. 2001, as Representative of the Chamber of Deputies, elected to preside over th...

Moderated by

  • Ricardo Hausmann Ricardo Hausmann
    Director, Center for International Development, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, USA

    PhD in Economics, Cornell University, US. 1985-91, Professor of Economics, Instituto de Estudios Sup...