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  World Economic Forum on Africa
    Cape Town, 31 May 2 June 2006
Going for Growth
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In brief
Participants at the World Economic Forum on Africa in 2006 sought to build on Africa's recent success in achieving its best growth performance in decades. While they were eager to spread the good news, the fresh confidence among the more than 700 business, government and civil society leaders gathered in Cape Town was balanced by sober realism.
The Creative Imperative
The Creative Imperative in Africa
More than 700 government, business and civil society leaders pooled their knowledge and enthusiasm and shared their experience.
In depth
The Year of Africa in Review
The Blair Commission for Africa declared that this would be the Year of Africa.
Boosting African Growth
Africa is experiencing record growth rates in many countries in a new era of peace, political stability and macroeconomic reform.
The Impact of China and India
China and India have become major trading partners of Africa and are increasing investment on the continent.
Foundations for Progress in Physical and Social Infrastructure
In order for current growth trends to be sustainable, the physical and social infrastructure of African countries must be upgraded.
Tackling Risks to Prosperity
Risks are interconnected, requiring a multifaceted approach to confronting them.
Strengthening Branding and Changing Perceptions
For the moment, Africa lacks an international image to match the real growth of its economies, and the vibrant aspirations of its peoples.
Achievements, Commitments and Aspirations
The NEPAD e-Schools Initiative demonstration project operates in 16 African countries.