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  From the report
The Global Risks Landscape 2009
The Financial Crisis and Global Risks
Resource Challenges
Global Governance
The Risk Assessment
Global Risks Report
Contributors and Acknowledgements
  Global Risks 2009
    In collaboration with Citigroup, Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC)
    Swiss Re, Wharton School Risk Center, Zurich Financial Services
Global Risks 2009 Home   

Contributors and Acknowledgements Printer friendly version  Send to a friend

This report was prepared by the Global Risk Network of the World Economic Forum in conjunction with its partners.

Global Risk Network
Irene Casanova, Associate Director, Global Risk Network
Viktoria Ivarsson, Project Manager, Global Risks Report
Stéphane Oertel, Associate Director, Global Risk Network
Fiona Paua, Senior Director, Head of Global Agenda Council and Strategic Insight Teams
Pearl Samandari, Team Coordinator, Strategic Insight Teams
Sheana Tambourgi, Director, Head of the Global Risk Network; Editor, Global Risks 2009

Global Risks Report Partners
Citigroup, USA
John Ingraham, Managing Director, Head of Risk Aggregation, Citigroup

Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC)
Sara Dixter, Manager, Oliver Wyman (MMC), United Kingdom
John Drzik, President and Chief Executive Officer, Oliver Wyman Group, MMC, USA
David Frediani, Senior Vice-President, International and Client Development, MMC, USA
John J. Merkovsky, Managing Director, Marsh Risk Consulting, MMC, USA
Roland Rechtsteiner, Partner, Oliver Wyman (MMC), Switzerland
Alex Wittenberg, Partner, Oliver Wyman (MMC), USA

Swiss Re
Anwarul Hasan, Vice-President, Risk Management, Swiss Re, Switzerland
Kurt Karl, Senior Vice-President, Head of Economic Research & Consulting, Swiss Re American Holding Corp., USA
Raj Singh, Chief Risk Officer, Member of the Executive Board, Swiss Re, Switzerland
Teri Taylor, Director, Head of Emerging Risk Management, Swiss Re, Switzerland
Lisa Wyssbrod, Director, Senior Issue and Partnership Manager, Swiss Re, Switzerland

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Witold J. Henisz, Associate Professor of Management
Howard Kunreuther, Cecilia Yen Koo Professor; Co-Director, Risk Management and Decision Processes Center
Erwann Michel-Kerjan, Managing Director, Center for Risk Management and Decision Processes, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Zurich Financial Services, Switzerland
Roland Cochard, Research Assistant, Risk Assessment Room
Daniel M. Hofmann, Group Chief Economist
Kerry Karageorgis, Development Director, Risk Assessment Room
Axel P. Lehmann, Chief Risk Officer, Member of the Group Executive Committee
Samuel Schenker, Research Assistant, Risk Assessment Room

Expert Workshops
Over the past year, the Global Risk Network has engaged with a wider group of experts in workshops and meetings held in New York, London, Dalian, Delhi and Zurich. These workshops, along with the risk assessment process and meetings in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, China, Turkey and India, have provided broad expertise and invaluable insight for this report. They are an integral part of the Global Risk Network's mandate to foster and support multistakeholder dialogues to improve understanding of global risks and to increase the possibilities for risk mitigation.

We would like to thank all of those who contributed for their time and above all for their insights:

Ahmet Akarli, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs International, United Kingdom
Efkan Ala, Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry of Turkey
Towfiq M. Al-Bastaki, Assistant General Manager, Risk Management & Compliance Division, Shamil Bank of Bahrain, Bahrain
Laura Alfaro, Associate Professor, Harvard Business School, USA
Berrak Alkan, Editor, Chairman's Office, Dogus Group, Turkey
Ross Anderson, Professor of Security Engineering, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Yilmaz Argüden, Chairman, ARGE Consulting, Turkey
Attila Askar, President, Koç University, Turkey
Curtis Baron, Director, Business Continuity, Europe, Information Technology, Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) Ltd, United Kingdom
Guy Battle, Originator and Founder, Dcarbon8, United Kingdom
Esther Baur, Director, Head Issue Management, Swiss Re, Switzerland
Erik Berglöf, Chief Economist, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), London Kip Berkley-Hearing, Group Risk Manager, BT Plc, United Kingdom
Simon Biggs, Director, Institute of Gerontology, King's College London, United Kingdom
Jaime de Bourbon Parme, Head, Crisis Response Operations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands
Philippe Brahin, Director, Head of Group Regulatory Affairs, Swiss Re, Switzerland
Ian Bremmer, President, Eurasia Group, USA
Cath Bremner, Head of Corporate Development, The Carbon Trust, United Kingdom
David Bresch, Director, Head of Sustainability and Emerging Risk Management, Swiss Re, Switzerland
Shlomo Brom, Director and Senior Research Fellow, Program on Israel-Palestinian Relations, The Institute for National Security Studies, Israel
Christopher Bunting, General Secretary, International Risk Governance Council (IRGC), Switzerland
Ali Carkoglu, Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sabanci University, Turkey
John Chipman, Director-General and Chief Executive, International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), United Kingdom
Sean M. Cleary, Chairman, Strategic Concepts (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
Benjamin H. Cohen, Member, Secretariat, Financial Stability Forum, Switzerland
Roger Courtney, Professorial Fellow in Construction Innovation, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Aron Cramer, President and Chief Executive Officer, Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), USA
James Darcy, Director of Programmes, Humanitarian Policy Group, Overseas Development Institute, United Kingdom
William Dick, Consultant, Commodity Risk Management Group, Agriculture and Rural Development, World Bank, USA
Samuel A. DiPiazza Jr, Chief Executive Officer, PricewaterhouseCoopers International, PricewaterhouseCoopers, USA
Soumitra Dutta, Dean, External Relations, and Roland Berger Chaired Professor in Business and Technology, INSEAD, France
Esther Dyson, Chairman, EDventure Holdings Inc., USA
Can Erkey, Professor, Koç University, Turkey
Esra Ersen, Office of the Chairman, Economic Research Manager, Dogus Group, Turkey
Ahmet O. Evin, Professor, Sabanci University, Turkey
Marie-Valentine Florin, Deputy Secretary-General, International Risk Governance Council (IRGC), Switzerland
Stephen E. Flynn, Senior Fellow, National Security Studies Program, and Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Chair in National Security Council on Foreign Relations, USA
Astrid Frey, Vice-President, Economist, Swiss Re, Switzerland
Bulent Goktuna, Chairman, Mineks International, Turkey
Antonio Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Geneva
Beat Habegger, Senior Researcher, Comprehensive Risk Analysis and Management Network, Switzerland
Katherine Hagen, Chief Executive Officer, Geneva Social Observatory, Switzerland
Roman Hohl, Director, Head Agro Americas, Asia, Corporates, Swiss Re, Switzerland
Thomas Holzheu, Deputy Head of Economic Research and Consulting, Swiss Reinsurance Financial Services Corporation, USA
Richard J. Howes, Principal Executive Officer, Balance Sheet, Asset Management, Challenger Financial Services Group, Australia
Bridget M. Hutter, Director, Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation, London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom
Rolph Kurt Jenny, Special Adviser to the Chair-in-Office, Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), Switzerland
Catherine Jourdan, Director, Governance, Risk & Compliance, PricewaterhouseCoopers, USA
Ethan B. Kapstein, Chair in Political Economy, INSEAD, France
Frederick Kempe, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Atlantic Council of The United States, USA
Gürtay Kipcak, Director, Government Affairs, The Coca-Cola Company, Turkey
Margery Kraus, President and Chief Executive Officer, APCO Worldwide Inc., USA
Anil Kumar, President, Ransat Group, United Kingdom
Kiyoshi Kurokawa, Science Adviser to the Prime Minister of Japan
Sophie Lambin, Director, Global Thought Leadership, PricewaterhouseCoopers, United Kingdom
Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer, Leader of the Risk, Modeling and Society Project, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Brazil
Penny Low, Member of Parliament, Singapore Allen Ma, President, BT Asia Pacific, BT Ltd, Hong Kong SAR
Brunson McKinley, Director-General, International Organization for Migration (IOM), Geneva
Robert Muir-Wood, Chief Research Officer, Risk Management Solutions, United Kingdom Richard H. Murray, Managing Director and Chief Claims Strategist, Swiss Reinsurance America Corporation, USA
Charles Nelson, Global Head of Strategy and Markets' Development, Mercer Health and Benefits Business, Mercer (MMC), United Kingdom
Takeshi Niinami, President and Chief Executive Officer, Lawson Inc., Japan
Lucy Nottingham, Corporate Risk Consulting, Oliver Wyman (MMC), USA
Marcus Oxley, Chairman, Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction, Tearfund, United Kingdom
Ayca Paksoy, External Affairs Manager, Office of the Chairman, Dogus Group, Turkey
Kirsten Parker, Director of Analysis, Exclusive Analysis, United Kingdom
Nicola Patmore, Senior Research Analyst, Climate Change Practice, Risk Management Solutions, United Kingdom
Aydan Piker, External Affairs Specialist, Office of the Chairman, Dogus Holding, Turkey
Hans Björn Püttgen, Professor and Director, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
Danny Quah, Professor of Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom
Geoff Riddell, Member, Group Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer, Global Corporate Business, Zurich Financial Services, Switzerland
Vanessa Rossi, Senior Research Fellow, International Economics Programme, Chatham House, United Kingdom
Melinda Roth, Head of the Integrated Risk Management Team, World Bank, USA
Tamer Saka, Chief Risk Officer, Haci Ömer Sabanci Holding AS, Turkey
Armen Sarkissian, President and Founder, Eurasia House International, United Kingdom
Anthony Scaramucci, Managing Partner, Skybridge Capital, USA
Cuneyt Sezgin, Board Member, Garanti Bank, Turkey
Daniel Shapiro, Director, Harvard International Negotiation Initiative, Harvard Law School, USA
Dennis Snower, President, Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Germany
Andreas Spiegel, Vice-President, Senior Climate Change Advisor, Swiss Re, Switzerland
Rory Stear, Executive Chairman, Freeplay Energy Plc, United Kingdom
Rolf Tanner, Director, Head of Political and Sustainability Risk Management, Swiss Re, Switzerland
Alper Ugural, Chief Risk Officer, Dogus Group, Turkey
Sinan Ülgen, Chairman, Centre for Economic and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM), Turkey
Gündüz Ulusoy, Faculty Member, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Sabanci University, Turkey
Oya Unlü Kizil, Director, Corporate Communications, Koç Holding AS, Turkey
Levent Veziroglu, Executive Vice-President (EVP), Office of the Chairman, Dogus Group, Turkey
Suna S. Vidinli, Chief Communications Officer, Calik Holding AS, Turkey
Diego Visconti, International Chairman, Accenture, Italy Bob Ward, Director, Public Policy, Risk Management Solutions, United Kingdom
Mark Weaser, Chief Investment Officer, Modern Terminals Ltd, Hong Kong SAR
Martin Weymann, Vice-President, Senior Risk Manager, Swiss Re, Switzerland
Carolyn Williams, Development Manager, The Institute of Risk Management, United Kingdom
Patricia Wouters, Director, UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science, University of Dundee, United Kingdom
Selcuk Yorgancioglu, Executive Director, Abraaj Capital, United Arab Emirates
Linda Yueh, Fellow in Economics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Simon Zadek, Chief Executive, AccountAbility, United Kingdom

Internal reviewers
A particular note of thanks to Miguel Perez, Manager Issue Monitoring, Strategic Insight Team, for his input and guidance on the Global Risks Perception Survey

In addition, the project team expresses its gratitude to the following colleagues from the World Economic Forum for their excellent advice and support throughout the project:

Jennifer Blanke, Director, Senior Economist, Head of the Global Competitiveness Network
Matthias Catón, Knowledge Manager, Global Agenda Council; Global Leadership Fellow
Brindusa Fidanza, Senior Project Manager, Environmental Initiatives; Global Leadership Fellow
Christoph Frei, Senior Director, Head of Energy Industries
Lena Hagelstein, Programme Manager; Global Leadership Fellow
Randall Krantz, Associate Director, Environmental Initiatives
Johanna Lanitis, Project Associate, Energy Team
Carina Larsfälten, Associate Director, Governments and Stakeholders
Sylvia Lee, Associate Director, Environmental Initiatives; Global Leadership Fellow
Oksana Myshlovska, Knowledge Manager, Global Agenda Council; Global Leadership Fellow
Martin Nägele, Knowledge Manager, Global Agenda Council; Global Leadership Fellow
Gareth Shepherd, Associate Director, Investors Community; Global Leadership Fellow
Fabienne Stassen Fleming, Head of Knowledge Capture, Global Agenda Councils
Dominic Waughray, Senior Director, Head of Environmental Initiatives