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Carl Bildt

Prime Minister of Sweden (1991-1994) and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden (2006-2014)

1991-94, Prime Minister of Sweden; initiated major liberal economic reforms, as well as negotiated and signed membership agreement with the European Union. Formerly: Co-Chairman, Dayton peace talks on Bosnia; become the first High Representative in the country; Special Envoy of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to the region. Until 1999, led the Moderate Party of Sweden; 2000, left Parliament. Formerly engaged in corporate boards in Sweden and the US as well as in various international think-tanks. 2006-14, Foreign Minister of Sweden. One of the initiators of EU’s Eastern Partnership and pushed for a new European Global Strategy. Currently chairs the Global Commission on Internet Governance; Co-Chair, European Council of Foreign Relations. Early advocate of the new ICT technologies; 1994 email exchange between him and President Clinton was the first between heads of state/governments. Member of the Board of Trustees, RAND Corporation, US. Senior Adviser, Wallenberg Foundations, Sweden. Chairs, Global Agenda Council on Europe, World Economic Forum. Uses @carlbildt to continue to push the use of social media also in international diplomacy.