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Emilio Lozoya

Chief Executive Officer, Pemex - Petroleos Mexicanos

BSc in Economics, ITAM; BA in Law, UNAM; MPA in International Development, Harvard University. Formerly: headed the international affairs office during the campaign and then transition team of the current President of Mexico; co-founded and served as an executive board member of different investment funds, specializing in international private capital investments, including restructuring and international transactions, as well as related to infrastructure, the finance sector and IT; with the Central Bank of Mexico, responsible for investing international reserves in securities. 2003-06, Investment Officer, Structure Finance and Distressed Assets, Inter-American Investment Corporation. 2006-12, Senior Director for Latin America, World Economic Forum. Currently, Chief Executive Officer, Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex). Author of numerous publications on monetary policy, productivity and competitiveness, public policy, and education and electoral systems.