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Keat Chhon

Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia, Ministry of Economy and Finance of Cambodia

Degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Génie Maritime, France; degree in Nuclear Engineering, Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nuchéaires, France.1988-92, Project Co-Director, UN Industrial Development Organization; 1992, Senior Adviser, Government of Cambodia; 1993, Member, Constitution Drafting Committee and Deputy Prime Minister, Provisional National Government of Cambodia; 1993, Senior Minister, Rehabilitation and Development; since 1994, Senior Minister and Minister of Economy, Royal Government of Cambodia and Vice-Chairman, Council for Development of Cambodia; 1996-99, ASEAN Economic Minister; since 2008, Deputy Prime Minister, Honorary Chairman, Supreme National Economic Council and Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia, in which capacity also acts as Cambodia's Governor of Asian Development Bank and of World Bank. Member, National Assembly, Kingdom of Cambodia. Recipient of honours and awards, incl. Doctorate in Business (Honoris Causa), Charles Sturt Univ., Australia; Doctorate in Dev. Economics (Honoris Causa), Univ. of Cambodia; Kitti Seddha Pundit, Royal Academy of Cambodia, Cambodia.