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Richard Jefferson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cambia

Born, Santa Cruz, Ca. BA College of Creative Studies, University of California; PhD in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado. NIH Postdoc at the Plant Breeding Institute Cambridge UK. Conducted the world's first biotech crop release 1987; First Molecular Biologist, United Nations FAO; Founder and CEO, Cambia; Developed the most widely cited and licensed enabling biotechnology in plants and agriculture. Developed Hologenome Theory of Evolution 1994. Professor of Biological Innovation, Queensland University of Technology. Founder, Biological Open Source (BiOS) Initiative, Patent Lens. Founder and Director of The Lens - global open innovation cartography facility. Recipient of awards, incl: Scientific American 50 Most Influential Technologists; Medalist, Center for Science Policy & Outcomes. Interests: music, mandolin, choro, guitars, juggling, evolution and microbiomes, open innovation systems, intellectual property, farming.