Connected World: Transforming Travel and Transportation

Hyperconnectivity is dramatically changing the world and the way we do business. It is disrupting incumbent institutions yet simultaneously creating new opportunities. The initiative deals with the transformation of mobility industries through technology, anticipating how travel and transportation will have changed by 2025. It pays special attention to the implications for industry players and policy-makers


Understanding how to best coordinate and manage a transformation of mobility has become an increasing priority. In 2014, the third year of the initiative, the aims are to:

  • Pilot our concepts from 2013 (reaching out to interested parties to set up real-life pilots for both the travel assistant solution, IPITA, and the mega-city traffic management solution, COMET)
  • Craft a roadmap to make self-driving vehicles a reality: we will develop a strategy for both industry and public sector parties, outlining the steps required
  • Illustrate a causal link between visa-restriction removals and increase in trade and tourism: we will support a research study to show the link and further advance our ACIS solution


Project Management

Thea Chiesa, Director, Head of Aviation, Travel and Tourism Industries
Tel: +41228691493