E15 Initiative: Strengthening the International Trading System

The E15 initiative aims to develop a set of policy options and promote strategic dialogue regarding the evolution of the international trading system. By connecting the foremost experts and decision-makers from private, public and civil society sectors,the project seeks to stimulate a more informed debate about how trade policy and institutions can best be adapted to the highly interconnected global economy of the 21st century.


This public-private collaboration aims to shape the international trade and investment policy agenda for the next decade.
Outputs will include:

  • Approximately 18 sets of policy options on different topics, developed by multistakeholder expert groups and published on a rolling basis between 2013 and 2015. Each group will also publish discussion papers examining key facets of the topic.
  • A rolling process of multistakeholder policy dialogue in Forum regional and global summits that both provides input into expert group deliberations and considers their output.
  • A parallel virtual dialogue – hosted on the Global Agenda Platform – establishing a leading virtual community of foremost academic and business trade experts and trade policy-makers.
  • Publication of an edited volume of policy options, timed to correspond with the WTO’s 20th anniversary in 2015
  • Publication of an edited monograph consolidating the policy options into overarching broader recommendations for the international trade and investment system for the next decade.