Future of Electricity

The traditionally stable electricity sector is in a period of dramatic change. The rapid pace of technological development, along with regulatory, societal and economic factors, is affecting the way we generate, distribute and consume electricity. In a sector accustomed to long-term investment cycles and stable policy frameworks, the transition to new electricity systems has introduced policy uncertainties and market design complexities. Consequently, parts of the industry are becoming 'uninvestable'


In order to make the electricity sector more sustainable, the project aims to increase the 'investability' of markets that are experiencing slow growth in demand for power, and that are moving towards low-carbon systems. Via the facilitation of discussion between relevant stakeholders and publications in a variety of media, the project will move through two phases in 2014:

  • Phase 1: Point of departure. What are the key enablers and barriers to investment in the electricity sector?
  • Phase 2: Choices. How can policy frameworks, business models and market design ensure that electricity continues to attract investment?


Key Organizations

  • Bain & Company

Project Management

Bosco Astarloa, Head of Energy Technology Industry
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