Global Project on Delivering Climate Solutions

The initiative supports the design and delivery of public-private partnerships that deliver tangible results, expand business leadership, and contribute to global processes on climate change, from the UN Climate Summit to the negotiations in Paris in December 2015. Work streams include: 1) CEO Climate Leadership Group 2) sustainable commodity chains to end deforestation, 3) the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, 4) Risk and resilience: disaster-proofing the financial system, 5) Value chain climate solutions and 6) The Road to Paris


The public-private partnerships aim to advance global climate efforts. Specific goals are to:
*Galvanise CEO-level business leadership to advance the climate action agenda in 2015
*Achieve net-zero deforestation in four commodity supply chains, to help deliver around 8% of the emission reductions required by 2020
*Develop common methodologies and collective reporting on key climate topics for oil and gas companies
*Disaster-proof the global financial system through stress tests and reporting
*Increase collaboration across value chains to scale up climate-friendly innovations