Health Systems Leapfrogging in Emerging Economies

Emerging economies account for 21% of total global health expenditure, and the figure is growing rapidly. By 2022, half of every dollar spent on health will be in emerging economies, presenting a grand opportunity to transform healthcare in the developing world. By “leapfrogging” over development stages that had previously been unavoidable, countries are able to speed progress towards universally accessible, affordable, high-quality services


The overarching goal is to help health systems in emerging economies leap over the problems encountered by developed economies. Specific aims of the project are to:

  1. Identify the most promising leapfrogging initiatives
  2. Determine enablers and success factors for scaling-up these initiatives and integrating them into a health system
  3. Engage with select countries to anchor recommendations and help achieve them in specific country settings around a concrete topic; identify a package of leapfrogging initiatives offered by business and civil society and match them
  4. Promote leapfrogging approach regionally and globally on key policy, resource mobilization, innovation investment topics
  5. Explore possibilities for reverse innovation for select leapfrogging opportunities (from emerging to developed economies)