International Trade & Investment

When trade and investment falters, it affects lives everywhere. Business and government agree on the need to facilitate international trade and nvestment, both key contributors to prosperity worldwide. The Trade & Investment project is building, and driving forward, a robust and detailed roadmap for seizing trade and investment opportunities in the global interest.


Work includes:

  • The E15 Initiative. In collaboration with the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, this initiative is bringing together global leaders to generate robust strategic options for global trade and investment. In particular, the initiative convenes multistakeholder expert groups to develop a set of policy options, highlighting the challenges and opportunities for the international trade and investment system.
  • The Global Agenda Council on Trade & FDI, which accesses international expertise to highlight key challenges for global trade and investment. The council recently called for a Multilateral Agreement on Investment and a coordinated approach to mega-regional trade agreements.
  • The Enabling Trade Index, which benchmarks 138 economies in four critical areas: market access; border administration; infrastructure; and the business environment. Research for the Index revealed that improving border administration is one of the easiest ways for governments to facilitate trade.
  • The Enabling Trade Implementation programme, which supports and encourages national governments – including, most recently, Brazil, Nigeria and Vietnam – in implementing trade facilitation priorities. In Brazil, the programme is key to delivery of the Portal Unico single window customs facility.
  • Public and private sessions at the Forum’s annual and regional meetings around the world, and continuous high-level virtual interaction on TopLink and the Global Agenda Platform.


Key Organizations

  • International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD)

Project Management

Sean Doherty, Director, International Trade and Investment
Tel: +41 22 8691212