Mainstreaming Sustainable and Impact Investing

Impact investing is an investment approach across asset classes that can reconcile shortcomings in traditional financial markets and create transformative societal impact. The Mainstreaming Sustainable and Impact Investing initiative was originally established in 2012, and has subsequently set a solid foundation for the Forum’s ongoing work in this sector.  We are currently scoping the new phase of the Mainstreaming Impact Investing initiative in detail, and how the Forum is best positioned to contribute to this topic in its next iteration, but the current hypotheses are:

  • Strengthening best practice sharing with mainstream investors on how to blend impact with financial return
  • Finding avenues to scale the assets deployed in impact investing
  • Engaging a community of impact investors and impact enterprises in dialogues on existing roadblocks against and strategies for successful mainstreaming 


The Mainstreaming Impact Investing Initiative seeks to increase the flow of capital into impact investments.