Responsible Mineral Development Initiative

The transformational potential of the mineral sector to create value is not being realised. Conflict over benefits continues to increase in some of the poorest regions of the world. Trust between stakeholders is low and committments unmet as the sector enters the most dramatic super-correction seen in recent times. Realising this potential is critical to the future of many nations, regions and communities, espcially in the 2030 development agenda. It is known that the expectations of value and benefits varies across stakeholders and that when this is little understood, can result in missed opportunities, misalignment and at worst, conflict. Creating a multi-stakeholder and shared understanding of the value and benefits today and in the future provides a critical platform to start addressing these issues and to co-priortise and co-action steps towards real value creation in the mineral sector. As a process, RMDI provides national, companies and civil society the critical starting point for this dialogie and action. 



The overall goal of RMDI is to better understand the expectations and priorties of different stakeholders on the value and benefits of mineral development and to initiate a long-term collaborative processes for stakeholder engagement. In turn, this will lead to improved national and local priortisation and decision making which can catalyse value creation through mining.  The goal is to create systemic, interactive, and collaborative engagement in relevant jurisdictions, and as such help identify critical areas for reform to allow host countries to maximize value through mining.


Project Management

Felix Gonzalez, Community Lead, Mining and Metals Industries
Tel: +41228693803