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Africa@Risk 2008

Africa@Risk 2008

This report has been prepared by the Global Risk Team for theWorld Economic Forum on Africa (Cape Town, South Africa,4-6 June 2008). The latest insights into trends, potentialimpacts and mitigation relevant to four key risks facing Africawere identified and explored:

1. Food and Freshwater Security - How best can Africacope with increasing food and freshwater insecurity? Whatare the risks and opportunities for the region?

2. Geopolitical Instability - Can Africa sustain andconsolidate progress on transparent and democraticallyaccountable governance? Can it increase its institutionalcapacity to prevent, manage and resolve both intrastateand interstate conflict?

3. Economic Shocks - Can African resource rich countriesreduce their commodity dependency by diversifying theireconomies? How can wealth be better distributed? Howcan African countries increase their trade benefits?

4. Climate Change, the Environment and Challenges toAfrica’s Development - How will global warming affectAfrica? How best can the region, countries, businessesand communities adapt to mitigate its effects?


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