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Connected World Transforming Travel, Transportation and Supply Chains

Connected World Transforming Travel,  Transportation and  Supply Chains

The World Economic Forum and The Boston Consulting Group have developed scenarios that provide an industry perspective on how the travel and transportation ecosystem can transform to meet changing customer needs as well as new mobility frontiers and technological developments by 2025 and beyond.

View videos of four game-changing solutions have will revolutionize travel and transportation by 2025:

IPITA: Integrated proactive intermodal travel assistant
COMET: Condition based megacity traffic management
ACIS: Fully automated check-in, security and border control
TATLO: Tracking- and transparency- based logistics optimizer

The lack of cross-industry cooperation, conflicting policies and missing standards and the inherent risks of hyperconnectivity are the main barriers for seamless travel and transport. Yet, these barriers can be overcome:

  • Technology is not the hindrance; many technologies needed for the four future solutions are available today
  • Cross-industry cooperation and dialogue with policy-makers are needed to define legal frameworks, reach international standards and set up public-private partnerships
  • Successful players need to take advantage of new opportunities associated with hyperconnectivity, such as big data analytics, while managing risks through data privacy rules and cyber security measures


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