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Education and Skills 2.0: New Targets and Innovative Approaches

Education and Skills 2.0: New Targets and Innovative Approaches

As the global community weighs nextsteps on the education and skills front, the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Education & Skills publishes Education and Skills 2.0: New Targets and Innovative Approaches; a book that aims to provide the latest thinking on the critical importance of education and that highlights what can be done to ensure that all people around the world can benefit. To this end, the book critically reviews existing and new ideas, perspectives and frameworks on education through relevant analyses and case studies. It explores the full array of social benefits of different programmes and interventions and related evidence of return on investment.

With this book, we believe our real value-added is on conceptualizing and describing innovative, plausible, scalable, compelling and high-impact solutions that will improve access to education, strengthen educational

quality, improve workers’ skills and increase equity – across income level, gender and other demographic subgroups. At the same time, the book tries to shine a light on the relevance of education and training to the labour market and the need to facilitate school-to-work transitions. In pursuing these goals, it takes a lifecycle approach, examining the full range of educational experiences – from pre-primary education to postgraduate training to worker education and training to mature worker reskilling. This vast educational experience can occur in both formal educational settings andinformal systems.

This book also hopes to contribute to decision-making and research by presenting an accessible and up-to-date compilation of quantitative and qualitative education data across countries.


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