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Partnering Against Corruption Initiative - Annual Report 2011

Partnering Against Corruption Initiative - Annual Report 2011

A comprehensive review resulted in the revised PACI Strategy for 2011-2012. The revised strategy builds on the fundamental value proposition of providing a platform for business leaders to share, learn and develop leading-edge thinking and best practices in the fight against corruption, and adds new components that stress collective action and high-level policy impact.

PACI’s overall objective is to facilitate the alignment and acceptance of international anti-corruption norms at the corporate and country level. The strategy is defined by three pillars:

  1. Shaping the evolving corporate best practice in implementing effective anti-corruption programmes to prevent, detect and address corruption
  2. Enabling collective action through public-private partnerships to address root causes of corruption and develop scalable model process solutions
  3. Helping to define the international anti-corruption architecture through influencing public policy and the effective enforcement of laws and regulations and through alignment and scaling of private-sector engagement in fighting corruption

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