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World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013 Report

The more than 2,500 business, government and civil society leaders from over 100 countries who participated in the 43rd World Economic Forum Annual Meeting arrived in Davos-Klosters with cautious optimism.

In some quarters, the world appears to be on the road to recovery despite the structural challenges of widening income disparities and fiscal deficits. And in some highgrowth economies, environmental sustainability and political stability are major concerns in 2013.

The 270-plus sessions in the official programme were organized under three thematic pillars: Leading Through Adversity; Restoring Economic Dynamism; and Strengthening Societal Resilience. In all instances, the theme Resilient Dynamism resonated by reminding participants that neither resilience nor dynamism alone is sufficient; leadership today requires both attributes.

This report is intended to serve as a memento and as a catalyst that stimulates further thinking on the issues and questions that were raised at the Meeting.

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