Basic Element

Basic Element is Russia's leading diversified investment group. It has assets in Russia and around the world, in a wide variety of sectors including mining and metals, energy, manufacturing, banking, construction, aviation, agriculture, media and others. Basic Element is one of the largest, most dynamic and effectively-run business groups in Russia. About 250,000 people work at the group's companies within the country, the CIS, Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Through its affiliated companies, Basic Element controls significant stakes in dozens of businesses, many of which are market leaders, driving innovation in Russia and internationally. The companies are committed to implementing new manufacturing technologies, and to pioneering new approaches to and high standards in energy efficiency, environmental management and social responsibility. Operating in several environmentally sensitive sectors, Basic Element is insistently pursuing the climate change agenda. Modernization encompasses a substantial environmental component and Basic Element's executive leadership is closely involved in addressing the climate change challenge. Basic Element and its companies actively cooperate with other leading businesses around the world.