Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate, continues its more than 25-year commitment to technology innovation, industry leadership and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Cisco strives to be a good corporate citizen by focusing on five key areas: how it treats employees; its impact on the environment; fostering high standards within its supply chain; the social investments it makes; and how it governs itself. The company's culture is driven by high business integrity standards and by using Cisco's resources and the power of the internet for positive and sustainable social and economic impact. Through CSR initiatives that rely on strong public-private partnerships, Cisco is addressing some of the world's most pressing problems and improving access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity. Working with others, Cisco designs and supports initiatives that empower global problem solvers with the skills and tools needed to speed the pace of social change and multiply the impact on people, communities and the planet.