Davos 2010: Global Energy Outlook

Despite the major decline in energy prices from their peak in 2008, energy security concerns have increased as major producing and consuming economies differ significantly on how to develop a more secure and stable energy system.

How can producers and consumers develop mutually beneficial approaches to energy security?

Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan; Thierry Desmarest, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Total, France; Khalid A. Al Falih, President and Chief Executive Officer, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia; Tony Hayward, Group Chief Executive, BP, United Kingdom; Andrew N. Liveris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dow Chemical Company, USA Peter Voser, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Dutch Shell, Netherlands.

Session moderated by Daniel Yergin, Chairman, CERA; Executive Vice-President, IHS, USA; Global Agenda Council on Energy Security.