Europe & Central Asia 2008 - Water and Energy Security

Resource Flashpoints: Managing Water and Energy Security
Sudden scarcities in energy and water have challenged governments from diverse regions, such as Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, to quickly adopt new strategies to avoid a cycle of increasing tension and potential conflict over access to critical resources. 

1) Is access to energy and water resources a zero-sum national issue, or are there regional win-win solutions? 
2) What frameworks or institutions should governments put in place to coordinate policy over energy and water scarcity?
3) What can Turkey and other regional players offer in terms of leadership to assure these flashpoints do not lead to conflict?
4) How might private enterprise and technology contribute to mitigating solutions?

Nazim Ekren, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Economic Affairs of Turkey
Jay Johnson, Managing Director, Chevron Europe, Eurasia and Middle East Exploration and Production Company, Eurasia SBU, Kazakhstan
Ethan B. Kapstein, Paul Dubrule Professor of Sustainable Development, INSEAD, France
Yerbol Orynbayev, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan
Waldemar Pawlak, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Poland

Moderated by
Victor Halberstadt, Professor of Public Economics, Leiden University, Netherlands

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