Jordan 2011 - The future of energy Governance

How can reliable, clean and accessible energy be provided across the Arab world?

 The following dimensions will be addressed:

- National strategies and regional cooperation

- Supply and pricing of energy reserves

- Role of clean energy in an oil-abundant region

 ·       Waleed Al Banawi, Vice-Chairman, Banawi Industrial Group, Saudi Arabia

  • Mohammed Al Barwani, Chairman, MB Holding Company, Oman
  • Mohammed Mohsen Al Busairi, Minister of Oil of Kuwait
  • Barbara Judge, Chairman, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, United Kingdom
  • Rabi Mohtar, Executive Director, Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, Qatar Foundation, Qatar; Global Agenda Council on Water Security
  • Ennis Rimawi, Managing Director, Catalyst Private Equity - Cleantech Fund, Jordan; Young Global Leader

 Moderated by

  • Armen Sarkissian, President and Founder, Eurasia House International, United Kingdom; Global Agenda Council on Energy Security