Jordan 2011 - Insights on the Future of Libya

What is required to achieve short-term stability and medium-term reforms while building the new Libyan state?

 The following dimensions will be addressed:

- Resumption of oil revenues and jump-starting the domestic economy

- Management of international assets and repairing the banking system

- Safeguarding the political transition and establishing trust in public institutions

  • Naaman El Bouri, Deputy Chairman, Saraya Bank, Libya
  • Hatim Gheriani, Member, Steering Committee, Temporary Financing Mechanism, Libya
  • Tarik M. Yousef, Chief Executive Officer, Silatech, Qatar; Global Agenda Council on the Arab World

 Opening Remarks by

  • Mahmoud Jibril, Chairman, Executive Office, National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya, Libya

 Moderated by

  • David Kennedy, Director, Institute for Global Law and Policy, Harvard Law School, USA; Global Agenda Council on Institutional Governance Systems