Latin America 2009: Attracting investment

World Economic Forum on Latin America, New Frontiers for Attracting Investment: Asia and the Middle East

Latin American countries must attract investment to ensure economic growth and improve the distribution of wealth.

While Asian economies wrestle with the current slowdown, the Middle East is confronting volatile energy prices. How can renewed long-term investment between Asia and the Latin America region be increased? How can Middle Eastern countries make the most of agricultural resources and food production in Latin America?

Lord Brennan, Member of the Board, Matrix Chambers, United Kingdom; Luiz Fernando Furlan, President, Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon, Brazil; Javier Santiso, Director and Chief Development Economist, Development Centre, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Paris; Young Global Leader Alessandro Teixeira, President, APEX-Brasil (Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), Brazil.

Session moderated by Kellie Meiman, Managing Director, McLarty Associates, USA