MENA 2010 - Building the Future Middle Class

With a low dependency ratio and a fast-growing working population, the Middle East and North Africa region is aiming to build a prosperous middle class by 2045 when its demographics will reach a tipping point.
What policies will increase per capita income, bolster savings and improve social welfare in this crucial period?
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Simultaneous interpretation in Arabic, English and French
This session is on the record, open to the reporting press and webcast live.
Nizar Baraka, Minister of Economic and General Affairs of Morocco
Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, Minister of Finance of Bahrain• Lubna S. Olayan, Deputy Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, Olayan Financing Company, Saudi Arabia; Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa; Global Agenda Council on Women's Empowerment
Joe Saddi, Chairman of the Board, Booz & Company, USA
Moderated by
John K. Defterios, Anchor, CNN Marketplace Middle East, CNN International, United Kingdom; Global Agenda Council on Informed Societies

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