Tianjin 2008: Looking beyond the mighty dollar

Looking beyond the Almighty Dollar

Long before the most recent financial crisis in the US, the sustained depreciation of the dollar against major currencies was seen as likely to trigger a massive re-weighting of international assets and readjustment of trade flows.

On which currencies are businesses banking their future, particularly given the latest pressure on the dollar and risks of contagion beyond the US?

Sayanta Basu, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Financial Group, United Arab Emirates; David D. Hale, Chairman, Hale Advisors, USA; Antony Leung, Senior Managing Director and Chairman of Greater China, Blackstone Group (HK), Hong Kong SAR; Oki Matsumoto, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Monex Group, Japan; Zhu Min, Group Executive Vice-President, Bank of China, People's Republic of China.

Moderated by Michael J. Elliott, Editor, Time International, Time Magazine, USA.