Ahmed Al Shugeiri

Ahmed Shugeiri
  • Chief Executive Officer and Partner
    Aram Al Ihsan Holding

Bachelor's in Information Systems Management and MBA, University of California, Long Beach. Businessman with a vision to revive reading, culture and thought in Islamic nations. CEO and Owner, Ahmad Mazin Al Shugairi EST. CEO and Partner, Aram Al Ihsan Holding Co., a non-profit organization. Participated in Yalla Shabab Show and in Sheikh Hamzah Yusuf Trip on MBC Channel. Owner and Presenter, Khawater Show (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) on MBC Channel, Alresalah TV, Al Sharjah TV, 4shbab channel. Owner and Presenter, Law Kan Baynana Show. Owner: Andalusia Cultural Café; Yalla Thakafa Electronic Library. Author.